Monday, June 3, 2013

The Zoo: April 2013

Holy cow I am behind. I have been taking photos-like 400 new ones since my last post. The downside-400 photos to go through and "edit". I am still not sure how to edit purposefully, and it is a lot of trial and error that slows down the process. That may be the next class I take.  

In April I went to the zoo with 3/5 of the Julius family, and I took roughly 300 pictures. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. :) I messed around with shutter speed a couple of times so I have stop motion movie of the polar bear, brown bear, and some deer like animals running around in the Plains. I have been focusing on aperture, and I am having a lot of fun problem solving.  Here are some unedited from the zoo. 

These are messing around aperture:

 These photos were taken in the Oceans building, no flash-it is exciting that I am learning how to make it work.

I am hoping to go back in June to get some of the butterflies, and the gardens. I am finally a member of the Indianapolis Zoo, and I plan on getting my money's worth this summer. 

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