Monday, June 3, 2013

Working Aperture Mode

So anyone that owns a camera knows that there are tons of "modes" to shoot from. Once I started taking my class I decided to step away from the "preset" modes and shoot in either M, A, S, or P. For the most part I have been shooting in manual, but for these shots I switched to aperture mode.

We were at my Aunt's house after my cousins bridal shower (26 more days) and they have a giant row of beautiful lilac trees (or are they bushes?) lining the back of their yard. So I got all geeked out and stood back there and just started taking shots in aperture mode. Again I looked liked the crazy lady, but at least it smelled nice back there among the flowers.  Again these are the unedited versions. I also wish these were scratch and sniff, because they smelled wonderful!

Overall I found it great to work in aperture because my other settings could stay the same, and I was able to get consistent results and change my aperture with ease. 

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  1. I love lilacs too! They are a bush. But they can get so large, bigger than some small trees. I miss the lilac bush I had planted at the old house, I used to take a picture of the boys by it every year. One of my favorite smells.